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CARLOS CANTÓ X PALCO23: "Access to sports content has been democratized."

It has been a pleasure for Carlos Cantó, CEO of SPSG Consulting, to share his opinion and knowledge with Palco23 about the process of democratization of access to sports content.

Sport is more accessible than ever. The CEO of the sports consulting firm Spsg Consulting, Carlos Cantó, points out that "the process of democratization of access to sports content is a reality" and adds that "now, we can consume live sports, either in the stadiums or on screen, and there is much more variety than thirty years ago". Cantó also stresses the importance of sports sponsorship: "brand visibility as a sponsorship objective is necessary, but it is not enough".

Question: According to Spgs Consulting's Sports Sponsorship Barometer 2022, sectors such as finance, telecommunications and energy have a lower level of reputation. Can the sponsorship of sports entities by companies from other sectors improve their image?

Answer: Sponsorship goes beyond brand visibility. It is a holistic approach that must be conceptualized in a cross-cutting way and thinking in the short, medium and long term. Brand visibility as a sponsorship objective is necessary, but not sufficient. Visibility must be added and complemented with other strategic objectives of the brands, such as revenue generation, customer care and, especially, brand reputation aspects. This is done with the concrete projects that the brand and the sponsor develop together.

Q.: How can fan engagement be monetized?

A.: The sports sector has the characteristic that a large part of the world's population follows it, so engagement is easier compared to other economic sectors. The step between engagement and monetization is satisfaction, which is nothing more than the comparison between expectations and perceptions. It is very important to restructure stadiums and pavilions to create experiences and go beyond the competition to improve the perception of fans....


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