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According to a study published by Deloitte, in 2022 $30 billion was invested in sports by private equity firms, while in 2021 the figure rose to $60 billion. In recent years, the sports industry has been an area of great interest for investment funds wishing to diversify their portfolio and gain returns on investments. In particular, we have seen a growing focus on European soccer, among other sports.

For the third consecutive year, at SPSG Consulting we have been monitoring and following closely the various transactions that have been occurring in the sports industry worldwide, with the objective of analyzing which players are behind the most important properties.

We are proud to present to you a (partial) analysis of who is behind (investors, funds, private equity, etc.) a selection of clubs, leagues, competitions in the Sports Industry, and how they interact.

Amongst some of the most relevant and distinguished investors (in the wide array of the term) we can find Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, Bruin Capital, RedBird Capital Partners, CVC, SilverLake, Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment, Sixth Street, Grupo Orlegi, Liberty Media, City Football Group, Arctos, Ares Management, and many others.

We hope the map is of your interest and it is helpful for you to gain a better idea of a growingly intertwined and complex industry!

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