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We develop tailor-made, objective and professional advice to Brands and Companies, Sportainment entities (clubs, federations, leagues, events, museums, theme parks, etc.) and Public Services and destinations, in a global basis.


We provide services from the "Thinking" to the "Doing" 

Sponsorship Strategies
  • Sponsorship Strategy Plan (for brands)

  • Sponsorship Strategy Program (for properties)

  • Sponsorship Activation Plan (for brands)

  • Design Sponsorship Dashboards

  • Assistance in Sponsorship Negotiation

  • Sponsorship Handbooks and Manuals

  • Design Sponsorship Deck

Gráficas de inversión

Our Clients

SPSand/or Carlos Cantó (CEO) have undertaken projects for a large range of clients such as:

Brands and Companies

Sportainment Entities


Public Services

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