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2021... it's a wrap!

From SPSG we want to dedicate a few last words to commemorate 2021, and welcome the new year with open arms - ready to work, learn, and keep growing in an industry we are truly passionate about.

About to finish December, it is time to wrap-up 2021, a challenging but incredibly innovative year. However, first of all, we would like to thank to all our clients (more than 25 projects this year, from countries such as Spain, Andorra, Belgium, Switzerland, Honduras and China) who have trusted us in a variety of scopes always within the sportainment industry (from strategy to marketing, from innovation to research, from sponsorship to training and to business development). Obviously, my team is an integral part of this journey: a big thanks specially to Cristina and Alvaro for their hard work, commitment and contribution, and, also, to Gerard and Johanna.

2021 has, definitively, been a challenging year, with lots of obstacles but, also, plenty of opportunities. Having been able to consult and assist several leagues, clubs, events and competitions, governments, federations and committees, media companies and investors, have allowed us to get a very detailed understanding of the status of the industry, as well as the challenges to tackle and, even more important, the great opportunities we have, as an industry, in front of us. 2021 has been a very interesting year in terms of the digital transformation journey, the “phygital” concept, the development of the Fan Tokens and the NFTs, the alignment of the sport industry strategies in terms of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues, the sponsorship activation “with a purpose”, the empowerment of “communities” of fans (both, avid as well as casual), the assessment of the current sport disciplines to be aligned with the “new” preferences and needs of the demand (new disciplines, new formats, adapted contents, new platforms and ways to consume sport/sportainment), new ways to monetize the engagement, the evolution of the technology, and also in terms of the sport industry from an investment perspective (conglomerates, investment funds, etc.).

Looking forward to an exciting and productive 2022 for the sport industry, with opportunities to take advantage of and challenges to tackle through strategy, specific action plans and efficient implementation processes.

As one of my preferred quotes says: “It is easier to go down the hill than up, but the view is much better from top”. So, let´s face 2022 with courage, realistic optimism, hard work, professionalism and commitment.

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