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We develop tailor-made, objective and professional advice to Brands and Companies, Sportainment entities (clubs, federations, leagues, events, museums, theme parks, etc.) and Public Services and destinations, in a global basis.


We provide services from the "Thinking" to the "Doing" 



  • Sponsorship and Partnership insight (competitors, the marketplace, the assets-properties, the trends)

  • Sponsorship and Partnership strategy plan

  • Sponsorship and Partnership activation plan

  • Activation of selected sponsorship and partnership activities

  • Sponsorship and Partnershp guidebooks and toolkits (analysis, strategy, action plan, monitoring)

  • Design of sponsorship scoreboards



  • Business Strategy Plans for Sports entities (leagues, clubs, etc.)

  • Strategic Marketing Plans for Sports entities

  • Strategic Plans for Women's Sports entities

  • Assessment and identification of improvements: Revenues, CostsManagement

  • Operational Marketing Plans for Sports entities

  • Assessment of sport facilities (stadia, arena, complex) from a revenue streams perspective

  • Sponsorship Programs

  • Loyalty programs

  • "Servuction" for sports processes (fan engagement, sponsor servicing, etc.)

  • Sports Business Handbooks and Seminars

  • Identification of new revenue streams

  • Enhancement of leagues and federations’ structure and governance models.

  • Sports Business Innovation and DIgital Transformation




How to generate recurrent incremental revenues

  • Assessment of the opportunities to generate incremental recurrent revenues for public services entities (Public Sport Facilities and Venues, Public Transport, Parks and Gardens, Hospitals, Universities, Other)


  • Partnership Programs for Destinations (win-win tourism co-promotion opportunities)

  • Tourism Marketing Plan for Destinations

  • Major Events strategy

  • Events Bidding

  • Sport Tourism strategy


SPSG can also decide to eventually invest in selected opportunities and get involved in Sports ventures and start-ups.

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