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MADCUP III Edition - Economic Impact

MADCUP is an international grassroots soccer tournament that offers a unique opportunity for its participants to enjoy their passion for soccer by playing an exciting competition. MADCUP is much more than a sports project. Its mission is to link sport with culture, education and values. This year, from June 23rd to June 28th, the third edition of MADCUP was held in various venues throughout the Community of Madrid. Additionally, on Monday, June 26, "La Fiesta de Celebración" or "Gran Fiesta del Fútbol Base" took place at the Civitas Metropolitano, with more than 26,000 attendees.

In its third edition, the tournament has had a total of 769 soccer teams, with the participation of more than 13,000 athletes. In addition, 30% of the clubs were from outside the Community of Madrid. The tournament has brought together 34 different countries and has achieved an attendance of more than 200,000 people.

SPSG, in collaboration with GfK, has prepared a study of the economic impact of the 6-day grassroots soccer competition in the Autonomous Community of Madrid. The study shows a total economic impact of 29.3 million euros in the Community of Madrid. The tournament generated more than 9.2 million euros in catering and 7 million euros in accommodation. In addition, it has generated more than 1.5 million euros in leisure, with the most popular activities among tourists being (1) visiting emblematic places (2) shopping and (3) visiting museums. It is worth noting that 40% of MADCUP attendees (from outside the C. of Madrid) were visiting Madrid for the first time, and had a high overall satisfaction with the city (8.3/10). The third edition of MADCUP has been a success, beyond the economic impact it has brought to the Community of Madrid, satisfaction surveys - also conducted by SPSG - determine a high level of satisfaction among attendees and participants. In addition, the tournament has been awarded for its promotion of women's soccer, due to the participation of 100 women's teams, and is recognized for being an inclusive soccer tournament.

On September 15, these data were highlighted at the event held at the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sport of Madrid, which was attended and supported by the Councilor Mariano de Paco Serrano, the Vice Councilor Daniel Martinez and the President of Atletico de Madrid, Enrique Cerezo. In addition, Margaritis Schinas, Vice President of the European Commission and Commissioner for the Promotion of the European Way of Life, was present and gave his support to the MADCUP tournament, which promotes education in values through sport and the training of young people. As he himself reiterated on several occasions throughout his speech, "our societies need more initiatives like MADCUP; that serve to unite, integrate and support our young people; that promote the positive values of sport for society", our society needs projects that support young people in their training and development, both personal and professional.

MADCUP is much more than a sports project, and has the vision of becoming the largest international tournament in the world. For this reason, the fourth edition is already being prepared for the end of June... Don't miss MADCUP 2024!



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