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The 7th edition of the World Football Summit (WFS) took place on the 20th and 21ST of September 2023 in Sevilla, Spain, at Fibes – Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones Sevilla. The two–day event, brought together top–tier professionals from the sports industry to discuss the new trends and challenges that the football industry is exposed to.

The World Football Summit encompassed several panels discussing the football landscapes, talks and presentations carried out by top minds of the industry, as well as several networking sessions and workshops to further deep-dive into relevant topics. One of these workshops was “Football’s Impact on Tourism and the Local Economy”. The seminar was led by Carlos Cantó, CEO of SPSG Consulting, Member of the Board and Head of the Sports Division at the Spanish Marketing Association, and a member of the Advisory Board of WFS. The session covered some of the most pertinent issues around this topic, focusing on the evolution of different types of football impact within the next 5 years and the most important aspects regarding the development of football tourism.

The seminar imparted by SPSG Consulting is part of the methodology for creating the subsequent report “Football’s Impact on Tourism and the Local Economy”, which will be developed and publicly shared in the upcoming months. Stayed tuned!

Finally, SPSG would like to thank all those who participated in the workshop and shared their valuable time and knowledge. A big thanks to Miguel Ángel Benzal and Maria Benzal (MADCUP); Antonio Fernández y Toni Alquezar (Córdoba FC); Ali Akçay (Coutium); Pablo Ortiz (Real Betis); Alex Aramburur (Barceló Hotels & Resorts); Massimo Benassi (RCDeportivo La Coruña); Carlos Aussel (Ibiza CF); Antonio Aguilera y Victor Romero (Junta de Andalucía); Yihan Hu (Shangai ICI Culture & Sports Co.Ltd); Francisco Ramos (Camaleone Analytics).



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