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Andorra Sport Innovation Hub - Winter and Mountain Sports & Cycling - Start-up Challenge

Andorra Business and Andorra Research and Innovation launched in October 2020 the so-called “Andorra Sports Innovation Hub” (focused on Winter and Mountain Sports & Cycling). Since the creation of the Innovation, Hub, GSIC powered by Microsoft, supported by SPSG Consulting, has been advising and assisting the client in this journey.

We are happy to announce that Andorra Business and Andorra Research + Innovation have launched the second edition of the Andorra Sports Startup Challenge, in order to find innovative solutions that improve the user’s experience and loyalty to de-seasonalize the sports and tourist offer in Andorra, as part of the Andorra Sports Innovation Hub (focused on Winter and Mountain Sports & Cycling) which is aimed to reinforce the leading position of Andorra as an innovative winter and mountain and cycling destination on a global scale.

Winners of the First Edition of the Start-Up Challenge, which took place in 2021, were: Snow51(China), MoonBikes(France) and Xeerpa (Spain).

Do not miss this unique opportunity - sign up now to the Second Edition of the Start-Up Challenge! Deadline to submit the projects is April 30, 2022.

Find all you need to know here.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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