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Sports Sponsorship Barometer 2020

The "Sports Sponsorship Barometer", prepared by SPSG Consulting, has become over the years an essential tool to better understand the situation of the sponsorship sector, both in terms of brands and properties. On January 28th, we presented the "2020 Sports Sponsorship Barometer" study via streaming from the Beatriz Madrid Auditorium.

These were the main takeaways:

  • In 2020, sports sponsorship has accelerated the change that was already intuited, with greater professionalisation, digitalisation and "social purpose".

  • Differentiation, deseasonalisation, delocalisation of sponsorship activation, and the development of social legacy, will be key in 2021 (year of major sporting events: Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, world handball, badminton, etc.).

  • Coca-Cola, Santander, Bwin, Movistar and Emirates, the 5 brands most associated with sports sponsorship in Spain.

  • Other brands that stand out for their association with sport in Spain are Rakuten, Red Bull, BBVA, Aquarius and Caixabank.

  • Endesa is the company/brand most associated with basketball, Movistar with cycling, Repsol with motor sports, Iberdrola with women's sport, ONCE - as well as Caixabank - with Paralympic sport, Aquarius with running, PlayStation with eSports, and Rolex with tennis.

  • The new paradigm of access to audiovisual content, with the definitive empowerment of OTT / SVOD (both generic and specialised in sport) and social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as the emergence of large "aggregators" (Movistar+ is consolidating its position as leader), together with the increase in big data, gamification and the combination of virtual and augmented reality, will be the key aspects in the coming years in the sports sector, an industry that continues on the path of professionalisation and sophistication.

  • The collateral effects of Covid-19 have a negative impact on the sports industry and sponsorship in particular, at the level of physical experiences, although it also drives new opportunities in digitalisation and in the activation of sponsorship "with social purpose".

  • Rafael Nadal, Pau Gasol and Fernando Alonso continue to be the Spanish sportsmen and women with the best image in 2020, while Leo Messi, Roger Federer and Cristiano Ronaldo also continue to be the most preferred international sportsmen and women.

If you wish to know more about our insights and receive the full presentation of the 2020 Sports Sponsorship Barometer, send an email to

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