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Sports Sustainability Summit 2023, held in Madrid, Spain, was the 4th Congress on Sustainability in Sport, organized by the Spanish Olympic Committee in collaboration with several key partners (Santander, FEMP, CSD). The primary event objective was to present COE's progress on sustainability strategy and discuss global trends, initiatives, and challenges in the sports industry. More than 400 people attended the Summit, participating in speeches, round tables, and workshops on topics such as the Sustainable Development Goals, innovative solutions to climate change, and sustainable practices in sports events organization. Areas such as biodiversity, the role of science in sustainability, and private investment in sustainable sport, among others, were highlighted.

The report subsequently generated compiles information from surveys, Summit discussions, and secondary sources, with the collaboration of the Spanish Marketing Association, focusing mainly on the Spanish and European markets, although it also considers global perspectives.

Thanks to Manuel Parga Landa, Sustainability, Marketing, and HR of the Spanish Olympic Committee, for leading the initiative.


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