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Super League, the key factors of the football earthquake

Carlos Cantó, CEO of SPSG Consulting, collaborated last week with the business newspaper Expansión to give his view on what happened in the 48-hour earthquake that shook the football industry.

Two announcements, 48 hours, 12 clubs, 3.225 million euros, 2 billion fans and a massive wave of supporters. These are the big numbers that explain the open war that world football has experienced this week, in a story of intrigues, private lunches, power struggles and frenetic calls between sports businessmen, European magnates, Russian oligarchs and Gulf royals.

"It is obvious that football needs to evolve, as other sports have done, and are doing, as well as their competitions" assures Carlos Cantó. He understands that the question lies in the speed of evolution in the face of the needs and preferences of the stakeholders of the football ecosystem. On the other hand, the "football product must adapt and evolve, taking into account the needs and preferences of the demand, which are also evolving (and we are not only talking about the new generations)". The irruption of multiple screens and the "democratisation" of access to audiovisual content of a sporting nature are key aspects to be considered by sponsors, according to Cantó.

The football product must adapt and evolve, taking into account the needs and preferences of the demand, which are also evolving

Any company governed by business and efficiency parameters prefers scenarios of certainty (even if they are not positive), as Cantó reminds us. Uncertainty generates resistance to investment in the medium and long term. "This is precisely what is currently happening in the moment of uncertainty caused by the side effects of Covid-19".

From a content point of view, the football product also has to evolve, as the live match is the necessary element, but it is no longer sufficient. "It is necessary to work on and consider more the before, during, after and between matches, as well as the different formats (live, deferred, summaries, highlights, gamification, conversation, co-creation of content with the participation of the audience, etc.)".

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