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ROYAL SPANISH SWIMMING FEDERATION - Consumer Habits of Members & Amateurs

Questionnaires addressed to the fans and subscribers of a sports entity (federation, club, community, league, etc.) represent an essential component in the relationship between the entity and its community. These surveys are not only a data collection tool, but also transcend, offering more and better knowledge of the needs, expectations and preferences of those who make up the fundamental base of the property.

From SPSG Consulting, we know and reiterate the importance of conducting this market research as an opportunity to deepen the value provided to members and fans. In addition, they represent a direct channel of communication that allows us to better understand the audience, to know their desires, needs and satisfactions in relation to the products, services and events offered, among other aspects.

The main purpose of conducting surveys is to analyze and understand more precisely the preferences and habits of the followers. This detailed knowledge makes it easier to adjust, improve and adapt the products, services, initiatives and projects offered by the federation, with the purpose of properly aligning them with what the community is really interested in. Through these questionnaires, the sports organization can adjust strategy and make informed decisions.

Due to its importance, SPSG Consulting designs and develops market research on different target audiences (fans, subscriber-members, sponsors, athletes, event attendees, etc.) for multiple clients (federations, clubs, events, leagues, etc.), one of these being the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation. After the last study, gathering information from almost 700 members and fans, the results allow a better understanding of the profile, preferences, interests and knowledge of the target audience, which allows RFEN - Aquatics to adapt its strategies and action plan based on data and a greater and closer knowledge of reality.

To learn more about the profile of RFEN's members and amateurs, you can access the complete news HERE

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