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SPORTS SPONSORSHIP BAROMETER - Expert Panel (16th Edition)

At the end of the presentation of the results of the XVI Edition of the Sports Sponsorship Barometer, a panel of experts on challenges and trends in Sport Business was held, with leading industry professionals. Once again, we are very grateful for their time, knowledge and generosity to Jorge de la Vega (LALIGA), Kike Levy (NFJ Sports and Media), Tony Alquezar (SailGP Team Spain and Director of Cordoba CF), Judit Hidalgo (Andorra Business), Fernando Corral (ASOBAL), Alberto Jofre (Spanish Paralympic Committee).

During the engaging panel, full details of which are available on our website, experts debated a range of topics, including governance, investment, sustainability, the role of leagues, fan engagement and monetization. This summary highlights the key issues discussed, delving into crucial questions such as adapting to new consumer habits, the global professionalization of sport, the personalization of the experience, the creation of meaningful legacies and the essential role of social and environmental (not to mention economic) sustainability.

Main Challenges and Trends in the Sports Industry:

Adaptation to New Consumer Habits:

  • Execute sophisticated audiovisual strategies to satisfy varied consumption habits in different markets.

  • Focus on commercial rights and deep understanding of fan/fan needs beyond brand visibility.

Professionalization of Sport:

  • Importance of advancing the professionalization of sport globally.

  • Sport as a loudspeaker for social change, highlighting sustainability as a key factor.

Personalization of the Experience:

  • Challenge of personalizing the sports experience in an environment where customization is the norm.

  • Challenge in personalizing the experience, as there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

  • Exploration of technologies to tailor the experience to each user and open new revenue streams.


  • Importance of focusing on sustainability in its three axes: economic, environmental and social.

  • The sports industry and its stakeholders are moving towards more sustainable models and awareness of climate change.

  • Claiming social sustainability as a vital component for the sports industry and sponsors.

  • Aim to create meaningful legacies.

  • Drive to change society's perception of disability through sport.

Engagement vs. Monetisation:

  • Monetization indirectly influences various revenue streams, with cost accounting being key.

  • More active community and personalization are crucial elements to build loyalty and monetize followers.

  • Claiming social sustainability as a vital component for the sports industry and sponsors.

Attract Sport Investors:

  • Focus on generating value and content to attract investment.

  • Advantages of public-private collaboration and the ability to test innovative products and services.

  • Differences in the analysis according to the type of investor (single or multisport).

Sports Impact in tourism:

  • Sporting events as catalysts for value tourism and industry creation.

  • Andorra's strategy focused on international competitions to attract tourists interested in mountain sports and cycling.



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